The Band

At a time when the music industry has become increasingly unfriendly to original, nonmainstream country music, Mark Dubin and his band of hard-bitten, seen-and-done-it-all musicians are forcing even roots-averse music fans to take notice. 

Cutting their teeth throughout the underground punk clubs and unconventional venues of South Florida, The Honest Liars play somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs and in most of those compositions, Dubin is the one doing wrong.

The band marries the exposed-nerve energy of classic punk rock and power pop with the clear-eyed worldview of old-time country. 

who plays what

Mark Dubin - vocals, guitars & harmonicas

Jorge Hernandez - guitars

Dan Bonebrake - bass & vocals

Andre Serafini - drums & vocals

Tom Stankus - guitars & lapsteels